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CONTINUING TO EXPAND OUR EDM DEPARTMENT. We recently purchased a Form20 iRTC Sinker EDM. We now have 9 Ram/Sinker EDMs, 8 hole drilling EDMs and 5 Wire EDMS. Keep us in mind for your EDM work utilizing our NADCAP approved EDM department.

What is Electrolytic Grinding?

Electrolytic Grinding is similar to the Electrical Discharge Machining process but with an added grinding wheel to remove particles. When metal is cut using EDM machines, the metal surface can become passivated by the byproducts that form on the metal. Usually non-passivating solutions are used to overcome this. In electrolytic grinding, an abrasive grinding media is used to as a grinding wheel to scrape away the passivated layer, exposing the fresh metal surface. An electrolyte fluid is used to carry the discarded materials away from the workpiece.

Using electrolytic grinding produces smoother edges without the burrs caused by mechanical grinding.

Electrolytic Grinding is used with very hard metals because of its efficiency to shape them. It also is a chemical reducing process which allows the grinding wheel to last longer than a normal grinding wheel.

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