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CONTINUING TO EXPAND OUR EDM DEPARTMENT. We recently purchased a Form20 iRTC Sinker EDM. We now have 9 Ram/Sinker EDMs, 8 hole drilling EDMs and 5 Wire EDMS. Keep us in mind for your EDM work utilizing our NADCAP approved EDM department.

What is Turning Machining?

Turning machining involves a workpiece (typically metal but could also be wood, plastic or stone) being rotated next to a rotating cutting tool. Turning machining is generally performed on lathe machines.

There are different types of turning machining including: straight turning, threads, taper turning and external grooving. In straight turning, the workpiece is rotated while a single cutting tool moves parallel to it. In tapered turning, a tapered turning attachment is used. For external grooving turning machining, grooves are cut to specific depths. The grooves are not removed completely as they are in the parting turning method.

Lathe machines are used to shape materials by rotating the workpiece into a cutting tool. There are three types of lathe machines: engine lathe, turret lathe and special purpose lathes. Lathe machines can range in size from small and portable to big, floor mounted machines.

What are CNC Lathe Machines?

A CNC Lathe Machine is controlled by a computer. It is an automated method of generating a variety of shapes, features and dimensions while holding close tolerances. Lathe machines date back to ancient Egypt. Over the years, lathe machines have transitioned from being made of wood to metal. Today's lathe machines are usually operated by computers (see CNC Milling Machine).

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